Say "No" to destruction of the Manhood Peninsula!

UPDATE:  Outline planning granted for 150+ houses in Birdham.

Despite huge efforts from the local community and our professional team, we have lost our appeal and outline planning permission has been granted for 150+ houses in Birdham. 

It goes without saying that we are all very disappointed and frustrated that the village of Birdham and the Manhood Peninsula are going to be irreversibly changed by this development.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who has helped support our efforts, signed petitions, written letters to MPs, objected to applications and donated to this important cause.

Here is the full decision notice, including conditions applied to this planning application.

What's happened

Manchester-based developers Gladman, owned by the infamous Barratt Homes, are behind the 150 Birdham houses development.  

The developer’s appealed against Chichester District Council (CDC) due to their failure to determine their application.  

Subsequently, CDC only contested the appeal on a limited number of grounds, which meant it was up to local people to fight the case. 


The Birdham Village Residents Association (BVRA) applied for and was granted Rule 6 objector status at the appeal inquiry.  This allowed BVRA and its professional representatives, supported by funding raised by BVRA and local residents, to cross examine all evidence presented.  They hired experts including lawyers, planning consultants etc to make the case as strong as possible.   

Despite huge efforts from the local community and the professional team the developer’s appeal was allowed and outline planning permission granted.

You can see the closing remarks from the appeal inquiry from BVRA here.   

You can see the final decision here


About BVRA

The Birdham Village Residents Association (BVRA) was set up to protect the village from over-development, with a primary objective of retaining the character of Birdham, now, and for future generations.      

To learn more about BVRA visit their website here