About us

We are on a mission to stop destruction of the Manhood peninsula

The last rural area between Portsmouth and Brighton, the Manhood Peninsula, is being destroyed by unsustainable housing.  

Despite huge efforts by the local community in Birdham, planning permission has been granted for 150+ houses in Birdham village, in the large field opposite the Nisa store. 

This is yet another example of unsustainable urbanisation on the Peninsula and a huge disappointment for local residents and the community.  


Who we are

Local people working with Birdham Village Residents Association (BVRA), on a mission to protect the Manhood Peninsula from destruction caused by un-sustainable urbanisation.

Our objective
To stop destruction of the Manhood peninsula. We brought in experts to contest the Birdham village development at an appeal inquiry. Unfortunately the appeal was allowed and outline planning has been granted.

How you can help

This outline planning is likely only the start of more inappropriate development. Please keep a keen eye out for new planning applications in your area and submit your objections. You can search for applications on the Chichester Planning Website.

The Manhood Peninsula is a very special place

Let's help protect it from unsustainable development and destruction!!